Cheap Gun Safes: 4 Reasons to Own One

cheap gun safesIt might be cheap, but it will go a long way in protecting you and your family –having a gun safe, even a cheap one, is far better than having none. There is no need to fork out your life savings to invest in a seemingly high-tech and outrageously price gun safe. In fact, the added security provided by these safes may not be nearly enough to justify their increased price. For the savvy gun owner, simply owning a cheap safe with decent credentials and gun safe reviews will confer numerous benefits –here are simply 4 of those advantages.

Reason #1 Protect the Kids with a Gun Safe

Simply placing your guns in a locked safe can play a huge role in keeping your kids safe. It keeps weaponry both out of their reach and out of their sight. By adding this single layer of security, you provide a significant deterrent to children hoping to pry into your stock of weaponry. A simple lock goes a long way in keeping children at bay.

Reason #2 Make it Harder for Burglars

No safe is free from harm. A determined burglar will pry open even the most priciest of safes. However, the very act of having a gun safe poses an obstacle to any would-be thief. Inexpensive gun safes will still lengthen the time required for a thief to get their hands on your weapons. It requires the thief to be equipped with the necessary tools needed to break open the safe –in other words, it deters the random Joe from popping into your house and swiping your weapons. Better yet, small gun safes that fit under your bed have the added benefit of being hidden from view. These affordable yet secure safes are excellent at defending your property.  Check out to find a great analysis of different gun safes.

Reason #3 Limit Your Liability

gun safe reviewsIn some states, you are bound by law to keep your guns under lock and key. These laws are usually meant to deter children from getting access to guns. Even if you do not have a child, you will still have to comply with the law. To prevent the possibility of being held criminally liable for negligent storage, it is advisable to keep your guns safe and secure in a gun safe. Cheap gun safes accomplish exactly that, while keeping your budget intact. It goes without saying that you should always look up your local laws to see your obligations as a gun owner.

Reason #4 It Makes You Look Responsible

This might seem like a superficial reason, but there is more to it. Having the best gun safe, even a cheap one, will show to others that you at least took some measures to protect your arsenal of guns. There are a few tangible benefits to this, besides appearing responsible to others. As some may have experienced, insurance companies are eager to weasel out of any claims you wish to make. If your guns are stolen, owning a gun safe may help you when making a claim. It allows you to prove that you took the necessary measures to protect your weapons. Thus, insurance companies are less likely to throw away your claim.

Folding Bar Stools: The Hot Home Decorating Trend

Folding Bar StoolsIn many homes families tend to gather around the breakfast bar in the kitchen to complete numerous tasks from eating meals to completing homework. However, traditional breakfast bars stools are large, bulky, and take up much needed space. Folding bar stools are an excellent option to place home breakfast bar. They offer many advantages over traditional bar stools and are available in numerous styles. However, there are certain factors to consider prior to purchasing them.

Advantages of Folding Bar Stools

Folding bar stools offer many benefits that are not available with a traditional bar stool. The primary advantage is their space saving capabilities. They can be easily folded and put away when not in use. They are frequently the perfect size to be tucked away in a closet between uses. This makes them an excellent option to consider for a home that has a limited amount of space.

Also, they can quickly be pulled out and set up when there is a need for them. They are versatile. Folding outdoor bar stools are ideal when throwing a large dinner party because they give guests the option of eating indoors or outdoors. Finally, they are affordable, durable, and can be found in a variety of styles and colors to match the décor in the home.

Hottest Styles and Designs

There are a huge number of folding bar stools that are available to choose from. They can be found in several materials including:

  • metal,
  • steel, and
  • wood.

Currently wood folding bar stools are the most common type purchased because wood is a flexible and versatile material that goes with almost all home furnishings. Folding bar stools with backs and those without backs, such as saddle bar stools, are available. They are offered in both stationary and swivel models. They can be found in a very basic design or very elaborate with an elegant appearance. They can be bought with or without adjustable footrests. Undoubtedly, there is a perfect folding bar stool for every home.

Other Factors to Consider

folding bar stools with backWhile design is an important factor to consider when shopping for a folding car stool, there are several other features that to think about before making a final decision. It is vital that the right height and size be purchased or the folding bar stools could end up being useless. The majority of homes will require a 30” seat height to allow the user to reach the bar. However, there are extra tall folding bar stools on the market that are 34” if needed based on the height of the bar they will be placed at.

It is also important to make certain there is adequate room between bar stools to allow guests enough room to eat and socialize without feeling crowded. On average there should be 26” and 30” between the centers of two bar stools.

When purchasing a folding bar stool that is covered with upholstery make sure that it can be easily cleaned and maintained. Microfiber, leather, and polyester tend to be more stain resistant than other materials. Finally, make certain the folding mechanism is easy to use and locks completely in place when set up.  Click here to see all kinds of trendy and popular bar stools that would look great in any home or office.

Gone are the days when kitchens had to be cluttered with bulky bar stools! The large variety of folding bar stools available guarantee that there is a perfect set for every home.

Trending Now: Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding BandsOne of the most intriguing and unusual trends in jewelry is the use of unconventional metals in wedding bands, including platinum, titanium and tungsten. You can see this by the huge rise in popularity of Tungsten wedding bands!  This trend is being driven by a variety of factors, some of which are specific to the quality of the metal itself, while others mirror broader design trends and even celebrity preferences. Tungsten offers a combination of special qualities that no other metal can match, especially when it comes to tungsten.

Popular and Trendy:

So what’s driving the tungsten trend? The obvious factors include:

  • the aforementioned affordability
  • durability, as well as
  • the combination of timeless beauty and masculine appeal.

In part, though, the recent popularity of tungsten is celebrity driven. In the last couple of years tungsten bands began turning up in Hollywood at red carpet events, making an especially noticeable splash when David Beckham was spotted wearing one at several photo shoots. At the other end of the celebrity spectrum, several noteworthy rappers were spotted wearing tungsten bands, and luxury watch makers have also contributed to the tungsten trend by switching to tungsten carbide for their watch cases.

In the world of celebrity bling, tungsten carbide rings communicates strength, durability and luxury. Tungsten is also available in black and white — black tungsten incorporates a metallic coating, while white resembles platinum in appearance — giving it a look that quickly gets attention on the ring fingers of celebs. And the neutral quality of black tungsten is an especially excellent choice to complement other jewelry.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Buying Factors to Consider:

For those who are not celebs, though, though, some homework and research should be an integral part of the buying process. The first order of business is to find quality tungsten — prices for a tungsten wedding band start at around $10, but steer clear of cheaper products that tend to tarnish over time.

One way to ensure quality tungsten is to look for an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Most of the major vendors who have been making and selling tungsten bands have been at it for years, and they consider this kind of a guarantee a prerequisite. Also, find out if there’s an extra charge for the guarantee, or if it’s included in the price of the ring.

Sizing is another important consideration. Many companies and jewelers offer tungsten bands in what’s called a comfort fit, which means a half-size is dropped because extra metal is used to make the inside of the band slightly domed. Tungsten rings can’t be resized, so getting this right is a big deal.

After that comes the fun stuff. Custom options are all over the map, including settings with one or more permanent diamonds, engraving on the inside of the ring, black and white options, custom brushed or satin finish and other moldings or enhancements. And while its somewhat hyperbolic to say it would take a lifetime to list all the options, that’s definitely how long a tungsten wedding band should be expected to last.  Click here to find a ton of information about men’s wedding bands including reviews and pics of gorgeous tungsten bands.

Whatever style or color you decide to go with, you will definitely be the envy of all your friends with a fashionable and trendy tungsten wedding band!

Become a Paralegal: The Hottest New Job Market

How to become a paralegalBored with your current job and want more pay?  You should definitely consider becoming a paralegal.  A paralegal, or sometimes called a legal assistant, is a vital person in the law office.   A paralegal helps and coordinates with practicing attorneys to get jobs completed.  Although a paralegal cannot do anything that is considered within the practice of law, there are many things they can do to help their attorneys prepare and carry through a case.  Paralegals can work on all different kinds of court documents from preparing tax returns or planning estates to drafting contracts for mortgages or divorces.   These documents are of key importance to an attorney when working with a client.  They must be done correctly the first time.

Paralegals also help their attorneys when a case actually goes to trial.  They can organize court documents and create summaries to help the lawyer with opening and closing statements.  They can also be the liaison between their office and another attorney’s office during a trial.   Sound like something you might be interested in?  Well if so, then you’re probably wondering how to become a paralegal.  It’s actually not too difficult of a process.  And it’s also one of the fastest growing job markets in the country!  Be sure to jump on your opportunity now to get on the ground level of this up and coming career field.

Paralegal Certification

In order to determine the right path to become a paralegal for you, you need to know a few things about the certification – and you may already qualify.

If you are currently working in a law office as a legal assistant, count how many years you have worked there.  If you graduated from high school or have your GED, and you’ve worked with a law office for seven years or more, you are eligible right now to take the Paralegal Certification Test.  If you attended college and received a bachelor’s degree, in any field, and you’ve worked in a law for at least a year, you’re eligible right now.  And finally the third option, if you attended an accredited college paralegal (or legal assistant) program and graduated with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you’re eligible right now.

 So let’s say none of the above apply to you, because either you’ve not worked in a law office long enough, if ever, or you don’t have a degree in a paralegal program.  No fear – you’ll just have to complete that step fist before taking the paralegal certification test.  So do a little research and figure out which option would work better for you.  For example, if you attended college for a few years, pursuing a bachelor’s degree, but didn’t finish, maybe only a semester or two would get you a bachelor’s degree.

And while you’re pursuing your bachelor’s you could work at a law office, gaining a year’s experience.  Within a year you could be eligible.  Another option would be to go back to school completely and get your associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Legal Assisting.  An associate’s degree typically takes only two years.  Upon eligibility, the paralegal certification test consists of two days of testing.  The topics range widely, but the main portion of the test focuses on American Law.   Some colleges and universities have courses designed to prepare you for the test.

Regardless of your current situation, becoming a paralegal can be a great option for you.  Find the best path and get started here.

Trending Now: Black Peplum Dress

Black Peplum DressEvery woman has a little black dress, that one she always comes back to. That tradition is updated this season with the little black peplum dress. Peplums are a very big trend right now. The flounces of fabric can be seen on all kinds of tops and dresses. It’s popular for a good reason, as the style benefits any body type. For women with boyish frames, peplums add desirable curves while for voluptuous figures, a correctly placed peplum can hide a multitude of sins. A black peplum top or black peplum dress is a wise addition to any autumn or winter wardrobe, as the look can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.


Varieties of Peplum Dresses

Black peplum dresses come in a few varieties. Most common is a dress that hits just above the knee and is cut like a pencil skirt, with cap sleeves. Necklines are elegant, with square or sweetheart being good cuts for evening wear. A strapless peplum dress, meanwhile, is fun and dainty. Peplums are also available on tops, which allow for a lot of versatility. A black peplum top should have the extra fabric hitting right at the waist. They are generally high-necked but more risqué necklines are acceptable for night-time attire.

You can find celebrities wearing these dresses EVERYWHERE!  Check out all these celebrities below, and of course, we’ve all seen the one and only Kim K. wearing these dresses countless times.  And don’t be afraid of trying out some color too, red peplum dresses are especially popular as well.


Peplum Dress


What to Wear with Peplum Dresses

The trendiest way to wear a black peplum dress is in a demure 50′s outfit. Peplums create and emphasize a classic hourglass shape so taking inspiration from retro glamour is an obvious choice. Red lipstick and black pumps let the peplum do all the talking and give off an air of refinement. For those who like their trends with a twist, a dress with a cut-out detail is a bold choice. Worn with heeled boots and a statement bracelet, this is a young and fresh way to wear the peplum.

Another option that is very versatile is to give the illusion of a dress by pairing a black peplum top with a fitted skirt. A black pencil skirt looks just the same as purchasing a whole new dress. A striking look can be created by wearing a black peplum top with sleeves with a textured black skirt – think laces or brocades with full-length sheer sleeves for a luxurious feel.

A more daring black peplum top outfit option is to team it with fitted trousers. Sleeveless works better here than a black peplum top with sleeves. Patterned trousers create a long and lean silhouette and the peplum on top adds womanly curves. Polka dot or dark floral trousers, or even gray jeans would all work with this look, paired with wedge heels to elongate the leg.  Click here to find more ideas about what to wear with a peplum dress or top.

A black peplum top outfit or dress slims and adds curves in all the right places. This is one trend that has lasted more than a single season so give the little black dress a rest and embrace the peplum.

Hottest Trends in Office Furniture

Office FurnitureFinding the ideal office furniture can be difficult, but the right pieces can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and vibe in your office.  Creating the right feel for your office is hugely popular with companies like Google, Apple and others placing a huge emphasis on the office environment.  Two pieces that can be the most complicated to decide on are the office desk and office armoire. While offices frequently feature desks, office armoires are not as commonly used. Regardless of which piece is chosen, it needs to be functional, provide optimum storage space, and have a stylish design that fits the person that will be using it.

Office Desks

​ Office desks come in numerous styles and sizes resulting in a large selection to choose from. Computer desks are most often found in office settings. They are ideal because they come in large and small sizes, have a designated area for the computer keyboard, and frequently feature numerous drawers for ample storage. They can be found in wood, glass, metal, or several other materials. Office desks can be found in rectangle shapes, L-shapes that fit perfectly in corners, and U-shapes.  You can always find a decent selection of office furniture at places like Office Max or Best Buy, but you will likely find more trendy and stylish pieces online with a bit of searching.

Office Armoires​

Office armoires are perfect for small offices and people that tend to be a tad bit messy. The main advantage with armoires is the door that can be closed on them so that everyone does not see the stacks of paperwork and more that are hidden behind it. Many of them also come with multiple shelves, cubbyholes, and drawers that make it simple to separate items. Most office armoires are specially designed for electronics such as printers, computers, a pullout keyboard tray, and more. They, like desks, come in various styles, but they most often are composed of wood. They can be very plain or ornate and they tend to lend a touch of elegance to any office space.Office Armoire

Office Chairs​

Of course, no office would be complete without a comfortable chair. It is important to test them out before purchasing one to ensure it is a comfy fit. Whether in the market for leather or cloth, rolling or stationary, there is sure to be a great choice to choose from. Bookcases, file cabinets, and chairs for guests are usually needed as well to allow an office to function properly.

​ Many people spend at least forty hours a week in their office and as a result, it is essential that it be a comfortable place.  Starting with the right office environment is essential to a successful, stylish and efficient business.  Click here to find a great selection of office armoires and other office furniture.

Globe String Lights Add A Touch of Class to Any Occasion

Globe String Lights and Paper Lanterns

When searching for the appropriate decór for a party, lighting can set the mood and make or break the atmosphere of an event. Globe string lights or paper lantern string lights add that special and unique touch to any occasion.

Globe string lights and paper lantern string lights are similar in function with their differences lying in their aesthetics.  These lights tend to be made of glass and allow for a clear and defined light to shine through the round bulbs. Paper lantern lights consist of a spherical or square shade surrounding a bulb and give off a softer, more subtle glow.  You can find these lights at a variety of locations online or a your neighborhood Target or Walmart.

Trendy Places and Events to Use String Lights

Both of these type of string lights are a popular choice for many events, both indoor and outdoor: weddings, birthdays, graduations, christening, anniversaries and other special occasions or parties. Globe string lights and paper lantern string lights appeal to people planning parties because no matter what the budget for decorations is, there is always room for the elegant radiance of a gleaming chain of lights

Paper lantern string lights or globe string lights create the perfect mood for any scenario. For a wedding plain paper lantern lights in a subdued color add a glimmer of romance. Used to decorate the patio at an outdoor party or other backyard event, globe lights illuminate the evening for your guests and create a warm and welcoming air.

String lights can set the mood whether the event is a backyard barbecue or an outdoor wedding. Paper lantern string lights and globe string lights are available in a wide range of options to suit any style of occasion. They come in many colors. For instance, clear globe lights can be purchased for an understated look while brightly colored paper lanterns can add a pop of color to a birthday celebration. A variety of sizes are also available to suit any venue, so that the strings can be hung between posts or pinned against a gazebo wall. Strings of lights can be purchased from online sellers or at home supply stores. They are an easy means of brightening up any event.  Click here to find out more even more information about globe string lights and paper lanterns.

Trending Now: Khaki Skinny Jeans


khaki skinny jeans

This pair can be found at Macy’s

Khaki Skinny Jeans

If you want to stay up to date with the latest fashion trend, khaki skinny jeans are the most popular fashion trend for the upcoming fall season.  Right now, Oldnavy is promoting these casual jeans in all of their ads and emails as the “modern khakis.”  Even Levi’s is hopping on the trend with a wide selection of their own under their skinny 511 jean style.

Fashionable for men and women

Not only is the khaki color a good alternative to the traditional blue jean color, but the skinny jean style is a fashionable look on both men and women.  One main benefit of the khaki color is its versatility.  For situations in which blue jeans are too casual, khaki skinny jeans can provide the perfect alternative: fashionable and flattering yet sophisticated enough for business casual. From a casual outfit for relaxing on the weekend to office-appropriate attire, these jeans are a fashionable choice for both men and women. The khaki color provides a foundation for a more understated color palette than blue jeans can provide, as khaki pants go well with neutral colors for an all-neutral look. Of course, bright colors also look good paired with khaki pants, because khaki is a versatile, neutral color.

What to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans for women have been fashionable for years, but the khaki color has only recently become popular. Women can wear khaki skinny jeans either long or as ankle pants, with heels or flats, with neutral or bright colors, and with solids or patterns. A popular trend for women is to wear a pair of skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled to ankle height and paired with heels or ballet flats to emphasize slender ankles. However women wear their khaki skinny jeans, the tops and accessories they choose determine how casual the overall outfit is.

While women can pair their skinny jeans with everything from casual, neutral t-shirts to dressy tops and heels, the trending styles for men are more limited. Men tend to wear khaki skinny jeans with button-down shirts for a sharp, stylish look. This type of outfit can function as either business casual or as casual yet attractive look, depending on the choice of shirt and shoes. Overall, choosing skinny jeans for men or women in a khaki color is the first step towards creating a classy, fashionable look.  You can find out even more info about this on point fashion trend by going to